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West Wight Nursery offers a range of services to cater for the whole family.


Child Care Services


Crèche - aged from 3 months to 2 years

Tumblers - aged 2 to 3 years

Pre-school - aged 3 to 4 years
Fun Club - aged 4 to 12 years

Other Services


Toddler Group - held in Barnardos Family Centre at Moa Place, Freshwater.

Party Room Hire

Meeting Room Hire



Children between the ages of 3 months and 2 years can attend our crèche group. Up to 14 children can attend the crèche at any one time and this provides an opportunity for young children to explore their environment, interacting with adults and each other.


Parents are encouraged to stay and play for short sessions until their child is ready to be left in our care. Staff provide a range of play activities and sensory experiences, which are suitable for each child's stage of development.


The crèche room links to our Tumblers room for 2 to 3 year old's and children can access this area as they grow.


Home routines are discussed with parents/carers on admission, and followed closely by staff for each child, to support their entry to the group. Children in this group use the ball pool and sensory rooms regularly to extend their experiences. The crèche children have a separate garden for outdoor play and staff plan short local walks when numbers permit.


Mealtimes are social occasions when staff eat with the children and encourage conversation, social skills and provide support to our youngest children. Meals from home can be heated or, if you prefer, you can provide a packed lunch for your child. Lunch box suggestions can be found on our healthy eating leaflet.



At West Wight Nursery we operate a Key Person system which ensures that every child is supported in developing positive relationships within the setting.


Parents are encouraged to stay and play for short sessions until their child is ready to be left in our care.


Children between the ages of 2 and 3 years attend our Tumblers group. Within this group we aim to build on the sensory experiences of creche and offer a wider range of activities, both child and adult lead. Tumblers children also access the ball pool and sensory rooms regularly as well as having easy access to our extensive outdoor space and linking with the Pre-school group for some activities.


Children have the opportunity to follow their interests and access daily learning opportunities indoors and outside for most of the day. The nursery has been involved in the "Every Child a Talker" pilot programme which aims to involve practitioners and parents in supporting language development.


Parents are invited to come into the setting to watch Story Sacks, Maths Sacks and Chatterboxes being used with the children, and these can be taken home for short periods too.


Mealtimes are seen as social occasions when staff eat with the children and encourage conversation, social skills and an understanding of the benefit of a healthy diet.



Children attend the pre-school group for the year before they are admitted to school. Staff in the pre-school work to support the development of the individual child through a variety of experiences, both adult and child lead. Within this group children have access to a wider range of resources and materials which include areas for construction, role play, a whiteboard, storytelling, art and craft, maths resources and a writing area. Children use our large activity room for music and dance activities.


Children have free flow access to the outside area daily and are able to mix with children from other groups. We utilise this area to its full potential by developing a planting programme in the allotment and using the area of natural copse to promote an awareness of nature.


The children also have access to chickens which are kept in our coop in the garden.  We have great fun collecting the eggs daily as well as learning to feed and care for the birds. 


Children also have the opportunity to access the trickle stream and sensory bike track. This enables us to maximise the children's pre-school experiences, covering all seven areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum.


Parents are encouraged to stay and play for short sessions until their child is ready to be left in our care.


We liaise with parents to develop an understanding of every child's needs and stage of development. We now use Tapestry, an online app, that allows parents to share in their children's learning through comments and photos that they and ourselves can post linking to the Early Years foundation stage and promoting parent partnerships. We encourage parents to join us in any of our activities if they have a particular skill to share or some spare time to support an activity. Parents who volunteer regularly will be checked through the DBS system.


Children can bring a packed lunch or have a school meal. Mealtimes are seen as a social occasion when staff eat with the children and encourage conversation, social skills and an understanding of the benefit of a healthy diet.

Fun Club


Children can attend our after school Fun Club from 2.45-5pm daily during term time and from 8am to 5pm during school holiday periods.


We also provide a breakfast club from 7.30-8.45am during term time.


The Fun Club children can access a range of resources including: art and craft materials, role play, construction, games, books, DVDs and computers. Our more active games include table tennis and snooker in the newly established games room or parachute play, kite flying, football, tennis and cricket outdoors.  Fun club children have access to the school playground as well as the nursery field and copse.


Staff plan for a range of activities during the week, but there is also time for the children to follow their own ideas and to relax at the end of a busy day.


Children aged 0 to 3 years can enjoy our After 3 group in the Tumblers and Creche rooms, where activities are more appropriate for their age group.

Toddler Group


Our toddler group is now being held at Barnado's Family Center Moa Place, FreshwaterWe are running the group every Monday morning from 09.30-11.00am (term time only). Meet new friends and take part in Ecat, Boogie Mites, Sing and Sign and Maths activities. Children age 0-4 years welcome with parents/carers. No need to book, just come along.


Room Hire


Rooms are available to hire for children's parties or meetings at a very reasonable rate. Please contact us for details.

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